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The Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO) enables member institutions to submit subject heading proposals for inclusion in Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), and classification number proposals for inclusion in Library of Congress Classification (LCC) schedules.
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SACO Presentations

SACO-at-Large Meeting, ALA Annual, Sunday, June 28, 2015: Meeting Summary [PPT : 132 KB]

SACO-at-Large Meeting, ALA Midwinter, Sunday, January 26, 2014: Meeting Summary [PDF : 168 KB]

TIPS FOR MAKING SUCCESSFUL SUBJECT PROPOSALS : A Mini Workshop for the SACO-At-Large Meeting January 27, 2013

Janis L. Young, Library of Congress Policy and Standards Division (PSD)

Presentation [PPT : 70 KB]

Handout [PDF : 2431 KB]

Current Tentative Lists, Approved Lists, and Editorial Minutes

Subject Lists

Most Recent Tentative List (List 1610, Oct. 17, 2016)

Tentative List 1606a (May 20, 2016)

Proposals to 1. revise the heading Aliens to Noncitizens; 2. replace the heading Illegal aliens with the two headings, Noncitizens and Unauthorized immigration; and 3. revise accordingly the other headings that include the word aliens or the phrase illegal aliens.

Most Recent Approved List (List 1609, Sept. 19, 2016)

All approved subject lists, going back to 1997, are available on the Cataloging and Acquisitions website

Special Projects Lists

General Genre/Form Terms (Approved List 1513, Jan. 12, 2015)

Medium of Performance Terms (Approved List 1414, Feb. 10, 2015)

Genre/Form Terms--Part I (Approved List 1515, Mar. 2, 2015)

Genre/Form Terms--Part II (Approved List 1516, Sept. 14, 2015)

Demographic Group Terms--Part I (Approved List 1517, June 15, 2015)

Genre/Form Terms for Religious Materials (Approved List 1518, Sept. 8, 2015)

Demographic Group Terms--Part II (Approved List 1519, Dec. 14, 2015)

Classification Lists

Most Recent Tentative List (List 1611, Nov. 21, 2016)

Most Recent Approved List (List 1609, Sept. 19, 2016)

All approved classification lists, going back to 2002, are available on the Cataloging and Acquisitions website

Editorial Meeting Summaries

SACO Proposals & Documentation

SACO members use these tools to create and submit Library of Congress Subject Heading (LCSH) proposals and Library of Congress Classification (LCC) proposals.

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SACO Training

SACO training is an essential component of the program. Members may participate in formal classroom workshops, view online webinars and video sessions at their own pace, or download materials for self-instruction.

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SACO Contacts, Resources & Forms

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SACO partners are key players in the global development of subject access to information resources.

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