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Image of Resident Scholars

Current Scholars in Residence

Mark Breeze
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of Cambridge, "Analysing Conceptions of Space, Time, Motion, Narrative and Modes of Vision in Key Moving Image Work in The Paper Print Collection."

Bonny Brooks
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, Newcastle University, "Beyond the Hermit Kingdom: Tracing Fugutive Subjectivities from North Korea Through Fiction."

Maximilian Buschmann
Bavarian Fellow, 2014, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, "The Global History of Modern Hunger Strikes"

Rosamund Cole
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, Royal Northern College of Music, "Study of Lilli Lehmann Diaries."

Cece Conway
Alan Lomax Fellowship, 2013, Appalachian State University, "Musical Crossroads."

Elia Corazza
Kluge Fellow, 2014, Independent Scholar, "New Music for a New Dance: Diaghilev's Ballet and Music."
Blogpost: "A Piece of Music Found, A Lost Opera Complete"
Lecture: "Diaghilev's 'Time Travelling' Italian Scores" (Apr. 30, 2015)

Edward Falvey
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of Exeter, "Locating the Cinematic City: Urban Iconography and Transformation, and the Birth of New York City, 1890-1930."

Joseph Genetin-Pilawa
Kluge Fellow, 2013, Illinois College, "The Indians' Capital City."
Book: "Crooked Paths to Allotment: The Fight Over Federal Indian Policy After the Civil War"
Webcast: "Native Americans in 19th Century Washington, D.C." - American History TV (C-SPAN3)
Article: "The Indian at Appomattox" - Disunion | The New York Times
Blogpost: "The Indians' Capital City: Native Histories of Washington, D.C."

David H. Grinspoon
Distinguished Visiting Scholar, 2013, Independent scholar, ""The Anthropocene""
Book: "Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life"
Webcast: "Searching for Life in the Universe: What Does it Mean for Humanity?" (Jan. 28, 2014)
Lecture: "Terra Sapiens: The Human Chapter in the History of Earth" (Oct. 31, 2013)
Book: "Venus Revealed: A New Look Below the Clouds of our Mysterious Twin Planet"
Web site: Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology chairholders
Web site: Scholar Profile: David Grinspoon
Article: Shaping the Future of the Earth From Inside the Library of Congress

Franziska Hoppen
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of Kent, "Avoiding Encounters: The Spiritual and Philosophical Foundation of the Politics of Multiculturalism in Modern, Western Societies."

Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of the Arts London, "The Materiality of Photography and the Memory of the Armenian Genocide."

Bradford Lee
Henry Alfred Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations, 2014, Naval War College, "One hundred Years of Blood-Dimmed Tides: The United States and War 1917-2017."
Lecture: "Navigating the Blood-Dimmed Tides: Was U.S. Military Intervention in the First World War Worth the Cost?" (May 7, 2015)
Blogpost: "The True Costs of 100 Years of War"
Blogpost: "Welcoming Bradford Lee, Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy"

Nicole Lindenberg
German Fellowship, 2014, Goethe University, "Passing and Split Habitus in Ellison's Three Days Before the Shooting."

Sibylle Machat
German Fellowship, 2014, Universitat Flensburg, "The Depiction of Planet Earth in American Children's Books."

David McLaughlin
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of Cambridge, "Sherlock Holmes as Travel Writing: The Role of Fandom in Constructing Geographical Imaginations."

Nara Milanich
ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2014, Barnard College, Columbia University, "The Birth of Uncertainty: A Global History of the Paternity Test."
Book: "Children of Fate: Childhood, Class, and the State in Chile, 1850-1930"
Lecture: "Family Matters: Testing Paternity in the Twentieth Century" (Mar. 17, 2015)

Roxana Pessoa Cavalcanti
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, King's College London, "A Critical Review of the Literature on Violence and Public Security Policies and Practices in Brazil."

Bradley Rogers
Kluge Fellow, 2014, Duke University, "The Cinematic Dramaturgy of Rouben Mamoulian's Musical Theatre."

Paul Scolieri
ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2014, Barnard College, "Ted Shawn and the Invention of American Dance."
Lecture: "Birth of a Dancing Nation: Reflections on the Centennial of Denishawn, America's First Dance Company and School" (Apr. 16, 2015)
Book: "Dancing the New World: Aztecs, Spaniards, and the Choreography of Conquest"

Simona Tobia
Kluge Fellow, 2014, University of Reading, "Interrogation and Questioning in the Second World War."

Ruth Wasem
Kluge Staff Fellow, 2014, CRS, "Whom We Shall Welcome: The Legislative Drive to End the National Origins Quota."

Katrin Weller
Digital Studies Fellow, 2014, GESIS Institute, "Studying historical events based on big data and online (social) media."
Book: "Knowledge Representation in the Social Semantic Web"
Book: "Science and the Internet" (ed.)
Lecture: "The Digital Traces of User-generated Content: How Social Media Data May Become the Historical Sources of the Future" (May 14, 2015)
Book: "Twitter and Society" (ed.)

William Julius Wilson
Kluge Chair in American Law and Governance, 2012, Harvard University, "A Cultural Analysis of Life in Poverty."
Book: "More Than Just Race"
Lecture: "Reflections on Issues of Race and Class in 21st Century America: Revisiting Arguments Advanced in The Declining Significance of Race (1978)" (May 21, 2015)
Book: "The Bridge Over the Racial Divide"
Book: "The Declining Significance of Race"
Book: "When Work Disappears"
Blogpost: William Julius Wilson Arrives at the Kluge Center
Appointment: Wilson Named Kluge Chair in American Law and Governance

Peter Zilahy
Black Mountain Institute-Kluge Fellow, 2014, Independent Scholar, "Mapping the Hero's Quest."
Book: "The Last Window-Giraffe: A Picture Dictionary for the Over Fives"

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